Billing & Collections - Reports

Aged Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable ordered by payable date or debtor.

Aged Outstanding Insurance Claims

Aging Analysis

Aging Balance
A listing of all debit/credit accounts. Can be sorted by various accounting criterion.

Allowed Analysis

Charge Summary
Display of all charges and transactions relating to the specific patient or date.

Charge/Transaction Journal
A listing of all charges and transactions.

Collection Analysis by claim date
Recovery percentages and amounts by claim date and financial category.

Diagnosis Code Usage
Distribution of diagnosis utilization by code or patient.

Doctor Financials
Personal distribution financials report for each partner.

Expected Analysis

Financial Analysis

Financial Reimbursement by Insurance Company
Insurance collections information organized in time-sensitive priority.

Financial Summary
A month-to-date and/or year-to-date listing of total charges, credits, adjustments, number of procedures performed and average charge per financial class and/or by physician.

Income Projection
Analysis of previous charges/balances to give projected income on current charges for each allocated financial class.

Insurance Company Financials
Insurance collections information organized in time-sensitive priority.

Insurance Payment

Monthly Recap
Overall organization profit and loss statement distributed monthly.

Overpaid Ticket

Patient Demographics
Displays patient/guarantor and insurance information.

Patient Type Financials

Procedure Analysis
Chart of procedures and trends over time.

Procedure Summary
Detailed analysis of procedures performed and percentages of procedures sorted by patient or procedure.

Procedure Utilization
Breakdown of procedures and the percentage of utilization by procedure, location of service, type of service or patient.

Receipt Analysis
Chart of expense receipts over time for fast identification and analysis of problematic expense growth areas.

Referring Physician
Number and percentage of procedures performed originally referred by outside physicians.

Transaction Summary
A complete listing of all transactions posted to active accounts to date by transaction type (Personal Check, Insurance, Medicare, etc.).

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  • Ancillary Facility Development and Management
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